In accordance with 5 – 14 guidelines, children undertake programmes of study designed to help reach the attainment outcomes in reading, writing, listening and talking.


Our aim is to produce fluent, confident readers who understand that what they are reading and enjoy doing so.  The teaching of reading is based on both sight vocabulary and a structured programme of word attack skills to enable children to decode unfamiliar words.  Our pupils are taught to apply their reading skills functionally to aid learning across the curriculum.

Throughout the school, children use All Aboard reading scheme.  This is supplemented also with a variety of other reading resources.  All schemes provide a vast array of materials to support the development of skills.


We follow “New Horizons in writing” approach to the teaching of writing and use a variety of materials to support this development, including Scholastic Writing.  Importance is laid on the content of children’s writing and pupils are encouraged to write in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes e.g. writing reports, writing to persuade, imaginative writing, poetry writing etc. In all cases attention is paid to presentation of work and children are encouraged to write neatly and correctly.

Talking and Listening

The teaching of talking and listening skills is developed through a variety of activities at each stage in school e.g. drama, discussions, interviews and presentations etc.

Teachers provide various listening opportunities such as listening for information and instructions, Listening and responding to texts, listening in groups.

Talking activities aim to develop skills in expressing ideas and feelings, talking in groups and talking in front of an audience, instructions and directions, conveying information.